#1 Back from the dead

Hi girls and boys !

I came back on Super Fire Monkey which new name is Otter Town :) Stoped it for shaders and lag problems, it was too slow but on another game I found love2d, a nice framework which allows to code everything but which simplified graphics part (like displaying a sprite on screen at x, y, coords) and allows shaders. So that was perfect for me :D

I also decided to come back cause I really liked the world of the game, the universe, I rewrote the scenario, and it really great now !

Came back from the deads, I started to recode the game, and here’s what I have for now:

  • Foreground
  • Middleground
  • Background (2 levels)
  • Water (shaders + waves)
  • 8-bit shader
  • Shadow on fore and middlegrounds

The monkey is not really on the floor, I just displayed it at this place haha, so I have to recode the gravity/collision part (that’s my next goal actually)

Good news: in this new version of the game, you will be able to feel the wind on the fresh grass cause I decided to make every tile animable :)

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